The truly unique nature of the Seattle Music Scene was in full force at the Clock-Out Lounge on 13 April 2019 NeHi Stripes show review 4/13/2019


"Since we released "The Gross", we seem to be heading in a somewhat unique direction that's more definitively 'us'" - Interview with Will Andrews at Ryze-Up Magazine 


"We only work on music that gives us a feeling. If it doesn’t conjure some sort of emotion, then we’re pretty much not interested. What you’re hearing is this collective’s best effort to translate a feeling to the listener" Band of the day interview - Interview with Will Andrews at Moshville Times


"Fuck That Shit, I Was Right!" Interview with Ten Miles Wide - Culture Catch 


"In some way or another, we poached each other from various bands in Seattle that we admired. We were friends before we became band mates, and we all saw qualities in each other that we thought would work well in a collective." Concert Crap - Interview: Getting to know Ten Miles Wide


"I highly recommend you get this album, and go see this band when you can. Having it in your playlist will yield lots of nice surprises. The Gross serves as a reminder of just how good Seattle rock can be, and reminds you why you keep coming back for more." - Northwest Music Scene (July 31 2016)

"Music has the ability to connect with us personally on a primal level and transport us to another plane that is beyond reason. Seattle’s Ten Miles Wide makes that kind of music—this band has taken hold of the so­called dead and rotting corpse of rock n’ roll, and resuscitated it with a style that defies the status quo. " (July 19 2016)



About our name change: With a New Album on the way Seattle Band The Mothership Becomes Ten Miles Wide


Press from before we changed out name:


"Atmostphere, a few top hooks and some devistating riffage - "Bright Side of Dim" has that all covered in style.  The results of their increased confidence and experimentations leave behind a devistatingly good alt-rock record... don't miss it." - Real Gone (March 2014)


"Biting guitar riffs, killer harmonies with drums and bass holding down the lower end and delivering the punch to augment the songs rather than over power them. There isn’t a weak track on here and for us this is as good as music gets."  - Northwest Music Scene (March 2014)


"Bright Side of Dim is the perfect storm of sound that will sweep you away and take you on a mind blowing musical journey. The level of musicianship poured into this record is just outstanding; every note hits the mark without a single extraneous beat. Every track stands alone and has something different to love"  - Dani Winder - Seattle Sound Live (March 2014)


"To me..hearing the entire album from start to finish was extremely refreshing, monumental, exhilarating, and just everything i hoped it was and could of been, tremendous applause and encore to the members of The Mothership. Thankyou again Will Andrews, tell the band i am astonished and my ears are grateful for all the hard work. " - Loyd Harrell - Unsigned Revolution (March 2014)


“The nice thing about gaining respect for your writing and music taste over a 25-year period is that you have freedom to say what you want without being confined or second-guessed. I am no spring chicken and I am no Rolling Stone apprentice. I'm Xana La Fuente. And if I could rewrite my life, after hearing the voice of Johndus Beckman and the music of The Mothership, I would not change a single thing in my past. My past brought me to today. And today I get to see and hear the amazing voice of Johndus and hear the amazing music he writes, and when I'm lucky, rock out to his band The Mothership.” - Xana La Fuente, (Dec 05, 2013)

“The Mothership landed on the Showbox stage in dramatic fashion. The crew at the helm landed on a psychedelic smoke filled stage. Johndus Beckman, Paul Fraser, Ryan Thornes and Will Andrews put on a show of epic proportions. Their performance was reminiscent of the Alternative Grunge rock revolution that made Seattle a musical mecca back in the 1990s.” - Christian Hamilton, Seattle Sound Live (Nov 03, 2013)

“The ominous pace captures the spirit of all that was great about Seattle in the 90's...” - Real Gone (Jun 30, 2012)


“All in all this is an album I highly recommended if you want to hear something different. These excellent Cosmic Space Rockers will brighten any day or mood to any dis-concerning heavy rock fan.” - Sludgelord (Jun 23, 2012)


“The Mothership is a refreshingly genuine band from Seattle that is looking to make their mark in redirecting the reputation of Seattle's rock scene from dirty, sometimes whiny grunge from the past to a new era of of modern rock sure to bring the city's music scene back into the national spotlight.” - Frankie V, Sunset Island Music (May 31, 2012)


"It's a pretty interesting blend" - George Sami Jarroush, RockItOutBlck (May 23, 2012)


“This is a great local band!” - Steve the Producer's VLOG from 99.9 KISW 1/3/12 (Jan 03, 2012)


“I've heard nothing but high praise about you guys...” - Rob Bramblett, Seed of Seattle (Apr 15, 2011)


More to come...